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Globalizing Eurasia Recipients

The Globalizing Eurasia grant offers up to $7000 in support for multi-country summer research.


2018: Kristo Nurmis, History PhD,  Lithuania and Russia and Anna Zhang, Political Science PhD, China and Kazakhstan

2017: Jinyi Chu, Slavic Languages and Literatures PhD, Russia, France, and China and Mejgan Massoumi, History PhD, Tajikistan and India

2016: Ali Aydin Karamustafa, History PhD, Armenia, Iran, Italy and Lukas Dovern, History PhD, Germany, Poland and Russia

2015: Adrien Smith, Slavic Languages and Literatures PhD, Vilnius, St. Petersburg, and Moscow

2014: Grace Zhou, Anthropology PhD, in Kyrgyzstan, China, Turkestan and Tricia Owlett, East Asian Languages and Cultures PhD, China and Mongolia

2013: Vladimir Troyansky, History PhD, Bulgaria, Georgia, and Turkey


2015: Beatrice Garrard, History, Bucharest, Romania, Budapest, Hungary, and Istanbul, Turkey

2014: Sam Rebo, Russia and Armenia

2013: Miguel Boluda, Russia and Spain