Zhivopisnyy Most, Moscow, Russia

CREEES is a center of interdisciplinary intellectual exchange; a community of students, scholars, and practitioners; and a resource for anyone with a passion for all matters Russian, East European and Eurasian.

At Home Abroad (AHA) House: Slavic, Francophone and Italian Cultures and Languages

Attention undergraduates: Come live in Stanford’s At Home Abroad House next year!

AHA House will be an intellectual and cultural crossroads where students will engage in trans-cultural learning and acquire the tools necessary to confront the complexity of our contemporary world.Through activities including film series, seminars, cooking classes, language tables, off-campus outings, and meetings with faculty and scholars from all over the world, residents will have a chance to explore languages and cultures beyond the English-speaking world.

Applications open on Monday, June 7 and close on Wednesday, June 16 at 1:00 pm.

CREEES Event Media

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Our multi-disciplinary events feature the research of leading scholars in the field and focus on a wide range of complex topics including the Fiume Crisis, Soviet participation at Nuremberg, the emergence of nation-states in East Europe, emerging electronic surveillance regimes in Eurasia, and critical-theoretical approaches to understanding the former Yugoslavia


Recent News

In collaboration with the Institute of International Education – Scholar Rescue Fund, for nearly a century Stanford has hosted endangered scholars who have had to escape conflict or flee persecution because of their research, race or creed.
In an interview posted by the Hoover Institution, Anatol Shmelev discusses his new book In the Wake of Empire: Anti