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The CREEES Chronicle is the Center's annual newsletter for events, grant recipients, publications, and more.

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CREEES Chronicle: 50th Anniversary Edition

We are pleased to announce a special 50th Anniversary edition of the CREEES Chronicle, highlighting the many activities and initiatives of our students, faculty, visiting scholars, and alumni over the course of the past 50 years as well as the key events held to mark the anniversary.

The CREEES Chronicle: 50th Anniversary Edition can be viewed with an online reader or downloaded as a PDF.

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CREEES in Lviv

Last summer Kyra Jasper and Michelle Li embarked on a 3-day excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Lviv while taking part in a new internship program in Ukraine.  CREEES Student Services Officer Nelia Rodriguez, a native of Ukraine, accompanied the students, helping them to navigate the city, communicate with locals, and get the most out of their culturally immersive experience. In Lviv, they visited the historically famous Rynok Square, where they tasted traditional Ukrainian cuisine while enjoying the rooftop view of the city from a local restaurant.

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Modern Surveillance Regimes Speaker Series

This year, CREEES hosted a series of scholars who analyzed the evolution, functions, structures and consequences of surveillance, policing, and information gathering in the modern era:

Sir Rodric Braithwaite,
British Ambassador to the Soviet Union and Russia,
How Did We Get to Mr. Putin?

Nikita Petrov,
The KGB in the Era of Perestroika, 1985-1991

Steven L. Hall,
Central Intelligence Agency,
Chekist in the Kremlin: The KGB Roots of
Putin’s Decision-Making and Policies

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Song Ha Joo

Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

CREEES Visiting Scholar Song Ha Joo reflects on her time teaching “The Politics of Migration in Russia, Eurasia, and Eastern Europe.”

"The closure of campus and the shift online meant big changes. Since physical access to materials at libraries was limited, the original syllabus had to be adjusted. The challenges posed by the pandemic not-withstanding, students worked diligently and participated in class discussions actively. Their passion and knowledge about the region as well as their creative thinking were great
inspirations to me. During the shelter-in-place, it was also a source of comfort to have our little community online."

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Student Activities

The Stanford US-Russia Forum (SURF) has been bringing together student delegates with industry professionals and policymakers from around the United States and Russia to work on pressing issues of US-Russia relations since 2008.

A new club, Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Community of Interested Scholars (REEES-CiS), aims to enrich students’ knowledge of linguistic and cultural topics outside of the classroom.

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Stalin and the Fate of Europe

Faculty Publications

The past academic year was fruitful in terms of faculty publications, with new works by CREEES affiliates  Ewa Domanska, Lazar Fleishman, David Holloway, Yulia Ilchuk, Norman Naimark, Michael McFaul, and Bertrand Patenaude. 

Read the full version of the Chronicle to discover the latest Stanford scholarship on the region.

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