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The Annual Stanford-Berkeley Conference on Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

CREEES and UC Berkeley's Institute of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies co-sponsor an annual joint conference. The first conference was held in Berkeley in 1977, and it has alternated campuses each year since. The list of conference topics is far-ranging and reflects more than three decades of advancing scholarship in the area.

2020 Conference

April 3, 2020

Russia and Europe After 1989

This conference is being canceled due to the ongoing developments associated with COVID-19

Past Conferences

2019: "From Liberalism to Neoliberalism: the New Europe at 100"

2018: "Empires Past and Present"

2017: "1917-2017: 100 Years Since the Russian Revolution"

2016: "Dislocation"

2015: "The Collapse After a Quarter Century: What Have we Learned About Communism and Democracy?"

2014: "Emancipation"

2013: "The Politics in History in the Wake of Socialism"

2012: "From Prague Spring to Arab Spring: Global and Comparative Perspectives on Protest and Revolution, 1968-2012"

2011: "Varieties of Post-Socialism"

2010: "Memory and Media in Russia, East Europe, and Eurasia"

2009: "1989: Twenty Years Later"

2008: "Political Succession in Russia"

2007: "Ukraine: History and Society"

2006: "Glasnost' Evaluated: 1986-2006"

2005: "The Caucasus: Culture, History, Politics"

2004: "Spatial Form: Centers, Borders, and Construction of Difference in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia"

2003: "The Power of Ideas and Ideas of Power in Eastern Europe and Eurasia"

2002: "Political Violence in Russia and Eastern Europe"

2001: "Memories, Generations and Life Histories in the Making of Post-Communism"

2000: "Law, Legality and Justice in Russia and Eastern Europe"

1999: "The New Elites in Post-Communist Societies"

1998: "Religion, Politics and Spiritual Life in Russia, the USSR and the Post-Soviet Union"

1997: "The Invention of Tradition After Communism"

1996: "Strategies of Nationhood in Multi-ethnic Settings"

1995: "Time and Money in Russian Culture""

1994: "Russia and Her Neighbors"

1993: "The Disintegration of Multinational Communist States"

1992: "The Consequences of the Collapse of the Soviet Union"

1991: "Beyond Leninism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union"

1990: "The Nationalities Question: The Future of the Soviet Union"

1989: "The Future of Socialism in Eastern Europe"

1988: "Knowledge, Power, and Truth: Scholarship and the Humanities in the Gorbachev Era"

1987: "Reforming Socialist Systems: The Chinese and Soviet Experiences"

1986: "Windows on Soviet Society: Viewing the Soviet Union through Various Disciplines"

1985: "The Soviet Union in World War II: A Retrospective Assessment"

1984: "Current Trends in Eastern Europe"

1983: "The Soviet Union in World War II: A Retrospective Assessment"

1982: "The Soviet Union and the United States: Mutual Perceptions and Influences"

1981: "1905: A Point of Departure"

1980: "Twentieth Century Russia"

1979: "The Humanities and Social Sciences in the USSR: Current Studies and Trends"

1978: "The 30th Anniversary of the Cominform Resolution: An Appraisal of the Tito-Stalin Split"

1977: "Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago: An Appraisal"