Internships in Slovenia

Morigenos – Slovenian Marine Mammal Society

City: Piran, Slovenia

Internship Dates: Not offered in 2021

About the Organization: Morigenos – Slovenian Marine Mammal Society is an independent, scientific, non-profit, non-governmental organization that combines scientific research, monitoring, education, public awareness, capacity building and management, to achieve effective conservation of the marine environment and biodiversity. The organization was established in 2001 and is carrying out several projects in the field of scientific research, education, public awareness and conservation. The central activity of Morigenos is the Slovenian Dolphin Project, a long-term research, monitoring and conservation programme, focusing on bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Slovenian and adjacent waters in the northern Adriatic Sea. It is the first systematic and long-term study of any cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in Slovenia.

Work Description: Interns will be included in all aspects of the data collection in the Slovenian Dolphin Project, including work on land, work on the boat and office work. This includes surveying for the animals using naked eyes and binoculars, recording data onto data sheets, timing dive profiles, participating in estimation of group size, calling out surfacing bouts of animals, taking temperature measurements, other aspects of data collection, helping with equipment, etc. Daily surveys are conducted from boats and from land observation points. Surveys are only done in good weather (no strong wind, no rain, and no fog). Interns will also be part of data entry and processing and photographic processing and matching.

Student Spotlight

Caitlyn McGinley

Human Biology, '20

Morigenos, Piran, Slovenia

"I helped with behavioral and observational research of Bottlenose dolphins — this included land surveys and boat surveys. I also did photo identification of the dolphins to study population dynamics and worked a bit in research. As a first-generation/low income student, I had never been out of the country before. I have now been to nine countries, including Slovenia, Italy, Austria, France and Spain."