Internships in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Post-Conflict Research Centre

City: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Internship Dates: June 20 - August 12, 2023

About the Organization: Post-conflict Research Centre (PCRC) is a non-government organization whose mission is to cultivate an environment for sustainable peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the greater Balkan region using creative multimedia projects and scientific research that foster tolerance, moral courage, mutual understanding, and positive change. More broadly, PCRC is committed to fostering a society where diversity is a basis for prosperity rather than a source of conflict and where human rights are respected. Together with Professor Sabina Cehajic-Clancy, it conducts various research projects in the field of intergroup reconciliation, most recently “Ordinary Heroes.”

Work Description: 

  • Research Tasks. Intern will contribute to PCRC’s ongoing research initiatives aimed at bolstering knowledge of successes and failures in the field of peacebuilding and reconciliation, promoting innovation, advancing understanding, and informing best practices.
  • Journalism and Creative Writing Tasks. Intern will be responsible for writing articles for PCRC’s Balkan Diskurs online platform and/or PCRC’s blog throughout their internship. Balkan Diskurs ( is a regional multimedia network of writers, bloggers, multimedia artists, and activists who came together in response to the lack of objective, relevant, invigorating, independent regional media.
  • Meetings and Seminars. PCRC will organize meetings and seminars that are relevant to PCRC research. Intern will be designated with various tasks during meetings, which include writing summaries, creating posts for social media and taking photographs.
  • PCRC Projects, Events and Other Tasks. Event planning, grant writing, interview transcription, editing, communications and outreach, social media management and project development tasks are often delegated throughout the internship. Some individual tasks are assigned and some tasks are a team effort.

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2023 Archaeological Field School

City: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Internship Dates: June 13 - July 3, 2023

About the Organization: The Stanford Archaeology Center plans to offer the Bosnia and Herzegovina field school in Summer 2022, either in person or remotely. Based on potential Stanford travel restrictions, the Archaeology Center will be making a determination about whether our field schools will be conducted remotely or in person by early Spring quarter 2022. 

This field school is led by Archaeology Center faculty member Krish Seetah. The summer 2022 fieldwork season will be held within close reach of medieval economic superpowers - Dubrovnik & Venice - that controlled the Adriatic Sea. The fieldwork will be undertaken at two sites, Milavići cemetery and Hatelji multiperiod burial ground, both with bioarchaeological evidence of disease, located on a former transportation route for slaves from central Bosnia to the coast.

Work Description: 

  • In the field, students will learn fundamental archaeological field research skills, such as tool and equipment handling, principles of archaeological excavation, proper recording of the layers and finds (in paper, photographic and digital form) and artifact managements (cataloguing, storing and preparation for analyses). 
  • The non-contact contingency plan for this project will involve students supporting our work to digitize a large and unique repository of burial archives. Students would help to transcribe this historical dataset – containing evidence of cause of death, age, place of death etc., - into a searchable database. 
  • In addition, students will support our team to produce 3-D models of the cemetery locations themselves, which are a rich cultural heritage. This will be based on existing digital imagery and drone aerial footage, which will then be used for virtual reality expositions (we have a VR expert as part of our team).
  • Students may also work on a number of smaller sub-projects, including digitization of excavation documents, modeling of artifacts and human remains from within the graves themselves, and large-scale GIS mapping of our sites.

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Student Spotlight

Emma Smith

International Relations, Human Rights Minor, '21

Post-Conflict Research Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"I had the opportunity to interview people from NGOs throughout the region that focus on intergroup reconciliation and peace education. It was incredibly gratifying and humbling to talk to civil society actors that work in this realm and learn about the impact their organizations have on their communities. I’ve truly appreciated their willingness to share their successes and their obstacles, both professionally and on a more personal level with their experiences from the war."

Matthew Zheng

Fem, Gen, & Sex Studies, '21

Post-Conflict Research Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"During my project, I applied Dr. Cehajic-Clancy’s groundbreaking moral exemplar theory onto identity fusion theory — in other words, testing whether exposure to stories of moral exemplars would have effects on identity self-categorization. While in Bosnia I had incredible opportunities to immerse myself in local culture, meet other young people, and work closely with experienced Bosnian professionals."