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Paula Ganga

At Stanford,  Paula will be working toward finishing her book project in which she  examines the economic policy shifts between privatization and nationalization prompted by the interaction of international economic pressures and domestic politics. Inspired by the experience of her family with three different land property rights regimes in the span of seventy years of Romanian history, in this project she scales the analysis to the whole world and use an original data set of privatizations and nationalizations since 1950 as well as data from my extensive fieldwork in Eastern Europe. This project breaks new ground by studying the privatization and nationalization processes together as two sides of the economic policy coin, as well as through new data collected specifically for the quantitative analysis component of the project

Visiting Scholars Info

Home Institution
Duke Kunshan University
Project Title
Privatization, Nationalization and Back Again. The Politics of Economic Policy Reversal
Visiting Scholar
September 2022 - June 2024