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CREEES MA Student Capstone Presentations

This is an in-person event in Encina Commons 123 open to those with a Stanford ID.

The capstone thesis is a central component of the CREEES MA program, which allows students to produce a work of original scholarship during their year in the program.  Students work closely on a topic of their choice, under the guidance of a faculty advisor and in consultation with the CREEES director and associate director. Join this event to learn about students' capstone research projects.

Laurel Grace Baker:

Breaking the Ice: Chinese and Russian Sharp Power in the Interstate Arena

Nathaniel Livingston Bogardus:

The Illegible Other: Comparative Reactivity to the Past and Present in Russia and Germany

Oliver Corcoran:

Lessons from the Periphery of American Foreign Policy: A Critique of U.S. Engagement in post-Soviet Central Asia and Policy Recommendations for a New Era of Great Power Competition

Gina DeFabio: 

 The Ukrainian Soviet Man: National Identity and Socialism in Soviet Ukraine, 1918-1956 

Jacqueline Kline:

Mother Russia: The Politics of Gender and Childbearing in Contemporary Russian Combat Films

Daria Novikov:

Mobilizing Maidan: Civil Societies in Russia and Ukraine on the Eve of the Soviet Collapse

Claire Rips-Goodwin: 

The Lives That We Lost: Exploring Nostalgia for the Soviet Union