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A Case Study on Romanian Avant-Garde - Interdisciplinary Workshop & Performance

A Case Study on Romanian Avant-Garde - Interdisciplinary Workshop & Performance
May 19, 2017 -
3:00pm to 8:30pm
CCRMA Stage, Department of Music, 459 Lagunita Drive, Stanford University

Free and open to the public. 

To register, please email by May 17. 

During a 3-hour interdisciplinary workshop we invite you to pull the curtains on the tired visual perception and to discover instead the basics of inner theatre, an equivalent performative concept to deep listening.

"We come from a place of traditions and cultural cringe which is probably why our main national cultural export is avant-garde: Tristan Tzara, Constantin Brâncuși, Victor Brauner, Eugène Ionesco. Since there’s no avant-garde without a saturated mainstream to break from, we address in our work the new mainstream culture of sensory (self) abuse."
The workshop will be coached by Adrian Ciglenean (actor, RO) and Olga Berar (violinist, RO) who over the past decade have developed and promoted inner theatre and a poetics of senses informal research in Romania and across Europe.
Most of the activities in the workshop have an applied nature consisting of individual and group exercises punctuated by theoretical aspects meant to put things in perspective. The case of Romanian poets Gellu Naum and Gherasim Luca will be presented as reference and inspiration.
1. start by generating creative material in form of personal maps of traditions we as individuals embrace or break from. 
2. express the creative material by alternatively enhancing or blocking sensory perception. 
3. explore possible abstract or linear narratives based on olfactive, tactile or auditory impulses generated by technical equipment or instruments/objects of your choice. 
4. bring your conclusions to life in an instant interdisciplinary performance for 35 blindfolded audience members.
While acting skills are not required, empathy skills are welcome.
Admission to the workshop and the closing public presentation is free, but limited to 12 places/workshop and 35 seats for performance.
Please register by May 17 at
The workshop and presentation will take place on May 19 on the CCRMA Stage between 3-6pm and 7:30-8:30pm, respectively.
A Q/A session - introducing content and coaches to registered participants - will take place on May 18 between 3:00-3:45pm in the Listening Room at CCRMA.

The artists would like to thank CCRMA for the invitation and the Romanian Cultural Institute New York for making this event possible.
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