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St Petersburg Overseas Seminar Preparation


This course prepares students accepted for the BOSP Overseas Seminar to St. Petersburg in June/July 2017 led by Prof. Jack and Nancy Kollmann. Consists of three lecture and discussion sessions to provide background (scheduled at student convenience), as well as individual consultations with instructors and TA to define a research topic to be pursued on site. Students will submit a brief written summary of their topic and a concrete plan for on-site follow-up. Research theme is open but instructors will suggest workable topics and background readings. n1 unit, S/NC grading. Mandatory for students attending BOSP Overseas Seminar to St. Petersburg. Students at BOSP overseas campuses in Spring Quarter will be accommodated. Requirements: attendance at three two-hour lecture and discussion sessions (time TBA), individual consultations with professors, brief research report and plan.

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218 811
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