Past Theses

Graduation Year Authors Title
2020 Matthew Sparks A Bodyguard of Lies: Russian Mercenaries, PMCs, and Information Warfare in the Modern World
2020 Stuart McLaughlin Oz Tilin Bilu: Kazakh Identity and Trilingualism in an Educational Context
2020 Rossella Cerulli The Problem of Russian Money Laundering and Its Implications for Western Security
2020 Abigail Thompson Wet Walls: An Artistic Analysis of Street-Based Siberian Art
2019 Madelaine Grace Graber Sluggish Schizophrenia in the Soviet Union: A Disease for Political Dissenters
2019 Jake Zawlacki The Allegorical Aidahar: An Animated Look at Kazakh National Identity
2018 Hristiana Petkova An Evaluation of Extended Deterrence Policy: From Eisenhower to Trump
2018 Jules Hirschkorn Guns, Rubles, and Oil: A Statistical Approach to Understanding Russia’s Military Modernization Programs
2018 Skyler Samuelson Pioneers in Politics: How the Words of Children Became the Language of War
2018 Patrick Goodridge Putin and the End of Russia's Masculinity Crisis
2018 Persia Goudarzi Shanghaied into Cooperation: A Rationalist Evaluation of Russo-Chinese Relation Within the Framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
2018 Andrew Postovoit The American-Russian Cultural Encounter in Siberia (1918-1920)
2017 David Ernst Honor and Tyranny: A Theoretical Analysis of Contemporary Russia's Objectives in the Middle East
2017 Katherine Schroeder Lights Out: Exploring the Historical Framework and Impacts of Russia's 2014 Smoking Policy
2017 Melanie Dalby Make Russia Great Again: Russia's Politics of International Intervention
2017 Joel Beckner Murmansk, the Arctic, and Russia: Interpreting the Drivers of Change
2017 Bri Mostoller Nationalism and the Nagaika: The Cossack Movement In Russia
2017 Victoria Pardini Recruiting for Excellence: International Hiring and Enrollment in Recent Russian Higher Education Reforms
2017 Seulgi Ko Reshaping National Memory: Decommunization in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine
2017 Ivan Jiang The Changing Dynamics in the Russian Empire's China Trade