Past Theses

Graduation Year Authors Title
2022 Christina Hill Information Warfare: Russian Cyber Strategy Abroad
2022 True Sweetser The Influence of Religion on Tolstoy's View of History
2022 Grace Kier Variations in Russian Support for Far-Right Actors in the West
2022 Katherine Davidson Eroding Autonomy: An Analysis of Russian and Belarusian Media Coverage of the 2020 Belarusian Pro-Democracy Protests
2022 Xingru Chen Impacts of Media Usage on Political Trust: Evidence from Russia
2022 Saga Hegelson Morris Media Coverage of Russia in the Arctic
2022 Alexa Black Memory Politics in Nazarbayev's Kazakhstan: The Great Famine and Kazakh National Identity
2022 Rajiv Sinha Nation at War: What Putin's Vendetta is Doing to Ukraine
2022 Rachel Landau Photographs of Medical Care After Chernobyl
2022 Estelle Ciesla Russia’s Descent into Authoritarianism: The Role of the ‘Foreign Agent’ Law
2022 Benjamin Bronkema-Bekker World Health Organization Alcohol Policy Prescriptions Under Scrutiny: Assessing Impact in Ukraine and Russia
2020 Matthew Sparks A Bodyguard of Lies: Russian Mercenaries, PMCs, and Information Warfare in the Modern World
2020 Stuart McLaughlin Oz Tilin Bilu: Kazakh Identity and Trilingualism in an Educational Context
2020 Rossella Cerulli The Problem of Russian Money Laundering and Its Implications for Western Security
2020 Abigail Thompson Wet Walls: An Artistic Analysis of Street-Based Siberian Art
2019 Madelaine Grace Graber Sluggish Schizophrenia in the Soviet Union: A Disease for Political Dissenters
2019 Jake Zawlacki The Allegorical Aidahar: An Animated Look at Kazakh National Identity
2018 Hristiana Petkova An Evaluation of Extended Deterrence Policy: From Eisenhower to Trump
2018 Jules Hirschkorn Guns, Rubles, and Oil: A Statistical Approach to Understanding Russia’s Military Modernization Programs
2018 Skyler Samuelson Pioneers in Politics: How the Words of Children Became the Language of War